movable floor

movable floor

All swimming pools in your swimming pool!

The moving bottom is usefull to introduce a new tools in all swiming pools but above all in a high swiming pools.



The moving bottom is a perforated footboard with rounded edges and telescopic foot with adjustable height: this allow to change the depth depending on necessity: from fitness pool swimming school, from water gym to physiotherapy or baby pool.

Perfect for use of big equipments in deep swimming pools, it can be used as water step. Thanks to its interlocking system can cover partially or totally pool ground. On request you can get the movable floor with mirror surface that permit to correct swimming faults or simply make swimming lessons more enjoyable.

focus on plus  abut moving bottom

  • transparent suction cups that don’t leave any marks on the floor, suitable to all types of ground
  • telescopic foot with adjustable height
  • interlocking system
  • easily stacking
  • equipped with holes for quick ballasting and instant outflow during emersion


Stainless steel (Aisi) 316 + Polyethylen
  • size: 80 x 20 x 120 cm
  • minimum height: 20 cm

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