Created and developed by Massimiliano Fella in 2000, IDROTERAPIA is a brand that works in Water Fitness branch with a business profile perfectly balanced between high handicrafts and industry with great technological and commercial skills.

Always involved in development of specific solutions, IDROTERAPIA knows every detail of “swimming pool world” and is near to every single plant or big companies with the same exclusive excellence and competitiveness:

– MADE IN ITALY COMBINED WITH ORIGINAL AND INNOVATIVE patents, are the features that are sign and guarantee of technical and mechanical quality of every single equipment

– A CUSTOMER-RELATIONSHIP MODEL “ONE TO ONE” AND A SYSTEM “PRODUCTS / SERVICES” ACTUALLY ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD, where each operator finds in IDROTERAPIA a dynamic consultant to shape and conduct his business towards profit models immediate, safe and constantly growing.


Marcello Fella
technical manager
Massimiliano Fella
company owner ~
director of research and development
Diana Fella
sales and communication manager